Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Need Something to Celebrate?

We woke up this morning with the statistics shouting that we are a divided country. Check out the eloquent way our friend, Brandy, tied it into her life on her blog --> here.

So, I want to explain why yesterday was a day to celebrate at the Daigle house. In fact, today is a day to celebrate as well!

Thirteen years ago, today, I was boarding a plane at IAH to fly away to my honeymoon. Larry and I had walked into Mims Baptist Church, the day before, as single sweethearts and walked out as man and wife, bound by a covenant made before God and our families and friends.
That day started the greatest adventure of our lives.

We have had a lot of low times. We have lost all of Larry’s grandparents. We have lost three babies through miscarriage. We have lost his father to Leukemia. We have fought with each other, with all of our siblings, with all of our parents and most of our friends. We have overspent, overeaten and overslept. We have had hard heads and hard hearts.  
Thankfully and only through the grace of a merciful and redemptive God, we have had some good times. We have four healthy boys. We have always had a home, a job and a church family that we love. We have come through a cancer scare with no reason to worry. We have a son, somewhere in Ethiopia, waiting for clearances allowing him to be adopted.

We have a God, Who saves, redeems, restores, provides, heals, corrects, rebukes and guides. Who is like Him?
So, yesterday, we celebrated our 13th anniversary.

Today, we celebrate our 2nd month on the DTE (Dossier to Ethiopia) list. As of today, we are still number 24 on the unofficial list. There was not a lot of movement during the month of October. However, the rainy season is over in Ethiopia and our prayers are that the process will soon begin moving quickly and efficiently.
We are trusting that the same God that has carried us through 13 years of marriage will carry us through this adoption process as well.

And that is something to celebrate!
***Pictures of some of the days that we celebrated will be posted tomorrow!***