Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Post Wherein I Disclose Some Plans

It is a smoggy, busy day in Addis Ababa. From our guest house's rooftop balcony, we have watched three buildings rise a little into the sky each day. The men carry bags of concrete mix over one shoulder, a bucket of water in one hand, a shovel in the other. They climb five to six stories on scaffolding made of tree limbs.

These are not OSHA approved situations, I assure you.

But, they work. Constantly. They start early in the morning and the sounds of hammers and saws and loud shouting in Amharic go on long after the sun has set behind the hazy clouds and mountains west of the city. It seems like just a few hours before the mosques on that far mountain are broadcasting the mournful morning prayers.

I've had many hours of laying quietly in the bed, looking across the night stand at Adam and listening to him breathe the relaxed breaths of sleep. I've had many hours to think and ponder some of the things that God's done in my heart during this adoption process.

The first plan that I'm disclosing is the idea of blogging weekly regarding about 27 things that I look at differently since going through this process. So, there's plan 1!

The second plan is not so warm and's just hard and practical. However, I anticipate that it may hurt some feelings. This is not my goal. Please don't let it hurt your feelings. This is a way that you can help and support us during a major transition in our lives and home.

Perhaps I should start off by apologizing.

I feel like we haven’t done a good job preparing you all for what will happen when we get Adam home.

Children that come from hard places are often in need of a long transition time, in which attachment to the adoptive parents is the ultimate goal.

One of the most effective ways of reaching that goal is a method called “Cocooning.” This just means that we are going to “lay low” for a while. We are going to spend the summer doing things as a family, with our family.

Our main goal is going to be getting our family into a predictable, comfortable schedule, providing consistency and comfort to a young man whose entire existence is radically changing.

So, for a while, even though we will certainly want to, we won’t be going to parties or events. Even harder, we won’t be having any visitors (other than our families). It stinks, I know. However, it will be best for all 7 Daigles as we settle in.

He’s excited to come to Texas and meet everyone. You are more than welcomed to come meet us in the airport and say, “Howdy.” We cannot wait to get home and to see everyone!

But, starting the next day, we are going into hunker-down-mode…not because it sounds like a blast, but because it is what is best.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:
·      He doesn’t know you! You have been kept up to date with Facebook and emails, and you know a lot. But, he doesn’t know you. Act like you are meeting someone for the first time.
·      We are trying to establish that Larry and Colleen Daigle are Dad and Mom. Please don’t give him anything. He is learning that we are his caregivers/providers/parents. He’s been cared for by a string of people in the last few years. It will take a long time for him to completely understand that we are his parents and we are going to care for him and provide for him. If you want him to have something, you may give it to one of us and we can give it to him at an appropriate time.
·      His English is quite a bit farther along than we expected. He understands a lot! So, please, be careful about what you choose to say around him.
·      We still need your prayer and support! This has been a hard few weeks, as Adam and I have been thrown together in a sink-or-swim type of situation. We are doing great…sometimes beautiful strokes…sometimes desperate dog-paddling…but, we are doing well. Pray for Larry, the boys and I as we all get ready to jump into life together.

I applaud those of you who’ve read all the way through. You love us, and I know it.

We love you, too!

Colleen and Guys

(Larry, Joseph, Gideon, Jeremiah, Caleb and Adam Dagnachew Daigle)