Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Mayhem

The holidays are upon us and we are soaking it up like a sponge!

We had a super Thanksgiving. On that fabulous smelling Thursday, we went to visit Larry's mom and step-father at their home. MamMaw and Poppa have the best place on earth to play outside. It is absolutely unrivaled. The boys planned out their own version of Mantracker for the month before we were there. The plan was for them to head out and hide, then Larry and I would assume our roles as the Mantracker. (If you haven't seen Mantracker, you obviously don't live in a house with 5 men.) Our nephew is 16 and he accompanied the boys in their hiding. We didn't stand a chance. We searched for what seemed an eternity. Larry and I lost. Completely. We will never live it down.

After a day of playing outside, riding four-wheelers, shooting BB guns and looking at new calves, we headed home. On Friday, we went the opposite direction and visited my grandparents. More fun! We played BINGO for prizes and had so much fun and chicken that we could barely function. We stayed in the area that night and then headed home (along with every other Texan, based on the traffic). We stopped off at the BassProShop in Katy, walked the entire mall, ate a Fuddruckers, talked with the most precious couple and compared our children's Bible names. Let me just add, that woman had the best hair I have ever encountered on earth. Gorgeous.

We are now in the home stretch for the Christmas holiday and the boys are counting down to the break. There are currently four Christmas trees in the house. What am I thinking?! We love it.

Update on Adoption Progress:

We had our physicals the week of Thanksgiving and just got all of those forms done and notarized. Our doctor's office was so excited and helpful. If everyone we meet on this journey is half as helpful as the staff at our doctor's office, we will be supremely blessed! Thank you, Dr. Nguyen and staff!

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