Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Post Wherein we have a fundraiser!

Who's ready for some dodgeball?

Here's some info:

Who: Anyone, whether you would like to play or not...Any age, there will be a kids bracket and a teens/adult bracket.

Where: First Baptist Church of downtown Conroe, near Montgomery County courthouse. Go east on Hwy 105 (East Davis) and turn left onto Main St. The church will be right in front of you. Park in the west parking lot and enter into the Gym doors. We will have some signs out.

How much: $10 per player...There will be some other opportunities to support, but it's just $10 to play.

What to expect: There will be some teams that are short players. So, if you don't have a team, don't worry, we can match you up with one. We will have a very casual bracket...this is not professional dodgeball. We are going to have fun and play and be happy. Feel free to call out and challenge another group!

Cool Stuff: We've begun to have donations given for door prizes and give-aways. So far, we have passes to The Grand Theatre on League Line, dinner for 2 at The Cracker Barrel, free dessert from Montgomery Bakehouse. More to come!!! (And, if you have any suggestions/connections for giveaways, let me know!!!)

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