Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Post Wherein We Reschedule the Fundraiser

DaigleDodgeball is rescheduled to May 31st, 2014. It will still take place from 10am-12Noon in the Gym at First Baptist Church of Conroe.

We are so very excited about the reason why we need to reschedule.

While we would love to be playing dodgeball on the 24th, we are even more happy to be traveling to Ethiopia that weekend!!!

We have a court date in Addis Ababa on May 27th, where we will become the proud parents of an 8 year old boy.

Larry will travel back home and be here in Conroe with the boys.

I will stay in Addis with the newest Daigle until all of the paperwork is completed and the US Embassy issues a visa for him. We expect this to take 4-6 weeks.

Here's what happens after our court date.

  • As soon as we have a copy of the court decree, the in-country staff of our adoption agency begins the process of getting him a new birth certificate with the last name of Daigle.
  • Once the birth certificate is obtained, an application is made for his Ethiopian passport.
  • Once the passport is received, we see an embassy approved doctor for a quick check-up.
  • After the check-up, the agency will submit all of the documentation to US Embassy Adoption Unit for approval.
  • Once the embassy reviews the case, we will receive an email from the embassy requesting an appointment. Since I will still be in Ethiopia, I can be there as soon as possible...without having to arrange flights, accommodations, etc. 
  • After the embassy appointment, it typically takes 2 days to have the visa issued.
  • When we receive the visa, we go to airport, we fly home. Then the major adjustment, transition, and the rest of real life begins.
We know that this is not a fairy tale. We know that our little guy has been through a lot and will go through a lot in this completely altering process. We know that there will be some profoundly tough days ahead.

Please pray for us. We are happy, excited, nervous and chomping at the bit. 

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