Monday, September 5, 2011

Grow in grace - 2 Peter 3:18

Today, we have been enjoying the holiday together.

Our first activity was to mark everyone's height on the door of the office.  Neither Larry nor I grew. However, we did not shrink! Good news, indeed. I don't know that I will announce when that begins happening.

Our little guys are getting bigger as each moment passes. The winner of the growth spurt race was Caleb at 4.5  inches over the course of the last year. This was, of course, expected since he is the youngest. However, Joseph's change was almost 4% of his height at this point last year. As of today, Joseph is exactly 12 inches shorter than his mother. In fact, the day is coming and has now come when my eldest's foot shall be the same size as mine!

Today's focus on growth caused me to think of how our family will grow and change through this process of adoption. I have pondered the prospect of change and growth all day. Honestly, it's been on our minds the last several months.

We've passed some big milestones in the last few months.

We started a new school year with Joseph, Gideon and Jeremiah all attending the same school.

We ditched the diaper scene and moved on to the Land o' Big Boy Britches.

We said goodbye to a faithful old friend at the car dealership and Larry got to leave in a vehicle with a working radio and air conditioning system.

We decided to move forward and send in our application for adoption.

Growing our family in this way is so different than how we have previously experienced family growth. (That will be a future post, I am sure.) Growing our family through adoption is definitely growing our faith as well. We have already asked ourselves a ton of questions. A few of those questions, we have asked repeatedly!

Please continue to pray for us as we begin to tackle the heaps of paperwork that are required. Pray for God to show Himself strong in providing the resources to fund this process. Larry is working after his ministry job for a friend and I have returned to selling Avon as a means to generate some additional funds. So, you can Be Cute For A Cause by purchasing your skincare/makeup products from me.

Pray, Pray, Pray!!! We will update you all soon!

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