Saturday, September 10, 2011

Jeremiah 23:29 - Garage Sale and Wildfire

This morning, I awoke in my parents' home. I had spent the night there so that I could be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for their community wide garage sale. Mom and Dad were so sweet to let us use one half of their driveway to sell some stuff and start chipping away at the costly journey to adopt our little Ethiopian darling.

Everything went smoothly. People were nice. The driveway gradually emerged from under it's odd assortment of accessories. The blue bank bag began to look less flat. The boys sold Kool-Aid. They were diligent in their sales pitch. As a car would drive down the street approaching the house, Gideon, in a fashion reminiscent of Sally on Cars, would call out, "Customers! Customers!" They sold $18 worth of half-dollar cups of the reddest Kool-Aid I have ever seen.

We were able to raise over $300 for our upcoming expenses! Praise the Lord! Mom and Dad also did well on their side of the driveway. We even bartered some items between ourselves while Dad and Larry weren't looking!

After the fun wore off and the sun bore down, we gathered our few remaining items and came home. Larry unloaded the trailer and off we went to get six haircuts. (Side Note: I got my every-once-in-a-while Ramona Quimby haircut. I love it!)

On the way home from our afternoon excursion, we saw the large DC 10 plane that is currently in our area assisting with the control of the Magnolia wildfires. (Please pray for the families affected by this fire.) We thought that it was probably landing at the local airport for refueling. It never occurred to us that it might be dropping fire retardant on our neighborhood. But, it pretty much was.

The fire was quickly contained. There doesn't seem to be any reason to sit up tonight and watch, although I probably will.

Larry and I were discussing on Thursday morning that the visual imagery of fire used in the Bible will not be the same to us any longer.

"It only takes a spark to get a fire going..." Come on, you know that you want to bust out in 80s era praise music, don't you?

If we were to really have a revival that burned in us like fire, wouldn't people around be forced to take notice? Wouldn't people for miles around be aware of what was going on in our area?

Our God is an all consuming fire (Deuteronomy 4:24). Do we really believe that? Do we really understand that His influence on our live takes over every single inch of our being? Can we truly grasp that there will not be any place that remains untouched?

I love God's question in Jeremiah 23:29, "Is not my word like fire?"

Yes, LORD, let it be so. Let it be so in our lives and in our hearts. Ruin us for any other purpose but to follow You. Ensure in our hearts that the only provision for Your calling on our lives is Your strength and Your Spirit. Help us to fully rely on You alone as we continue to follow.

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