Saturday, September 17, 2011

A says "aa, aa, Africa" - Psalm 68:31b-32 (NASB)

Our boys have been excitement personified when it has come to adopting.

This week Jeremiah entered a new era of life. He was assigned homework. We had requested Gideon's kindergarten teacher, Mrs. W, but ended up with the most precious kindergarten teacher on the earth, Mrs. S.

(I feel compelled at this point to say that "the most precious kindergarten teacher" award would most definitely go to Grammy, if she were still teaching. Love you, Mom!)

Mrs. S sent home a book in which Jeremiah must complete two pages per week. Each week, she will send it home, with the two letters of the alphabet he should work on. For each letter, there is a page on which he will practice writing the letter and then attach four pictures of items that start with said letter. This week the letters were M and A.

We got busy flipping through magazines and the expired coupon inserts that I was about to take out to the recycle bin.

M was pretty easy...Man, Mom, Mice and Milk.

A was more of a stretch, just because of the availability of A pictures. We had to go to the computer for some printed images. At that point, with a world wide web of available images, I prompted Jeremiah. "A says..."


His first response. Be still my heart!

What has caused our family to have a heart for Africa? Well, my dad has been working for International Commission for the last several years as the VP of African evangelism. So we have been praying for projects that the group has conducted in dozens of countries.

I even went on one of the trips to Rwanda. There is no way for me to convey the change that it brought about in my heart. I have always lived an extremely sheltered life. God used that trip to say, "Your American struggle is a lavish extravagant life. You don't need 1% of what you have. Get over yourself and do something. You are not the good news, I AM."

My sister just got back from a trip with Dad in August of this year. She went to Tanzania and shared about it here.

We have been praying for Africa for almost 6 years. God has been working on our hearts to adopt for about 8 years, around the time that we had our first miscarriage.

With those prayers combined, I don't know why we didn't arrive at this conclusion earlier. I'm sure we irritate the fire out of God sometimes.

For our family, A is for Adopt Africa.

Ethiopia will quickly stretch out her hands to God.
Sing to God, O kingdoms of the earth,
Sing praises to the Lord,
Psalm 68:31b-32 (NASB)

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